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Why More Women are Getting into Construction

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For many years the construction profession has been a male-dominated industry. However, in recent years, more women have entered this field to pursue a career. The shift in demographics in construction is slowly eliminating the gender imbalance in the industry, providing new opportunities that support women. As more women choose a career in construction, the industry is alight with conversation and curiosity about how it will affect the sector in the coming years. What is responsible for this change, and how will it affect the construction industry? What inspires women to empower themselves with a career working in construction?

Let’s examine why more women are getting into construction and the changes we can expect in the industry as this movement unfolds.

Why More Women are Getting into Construction

How Many Women Are in the Construction Industry?

In recent years, we’ve seen consistent growth in the number of women entering the construction industry to establish a career. According to recent studies, 37% of new employees entering the construction sector with higher education diplomas are women.

In 2024, women account for approximately 14% of professionals employed in the construction sector. Moving forward, this trend is expected to continue to grow. It outlines the change in society and its appeal to women as they break stereotypes around gender-specific roles and a positive change towards gender inclusion and diversity in the sector.

Challenges Facing Women Working in the Construction Industry

The recruitment of women into the construction industry is a sign of a step towards greater gender diversity in the sector. However, there are several challenges facing women as they create this shift. Some of them include:

  • Biases and stereotypes
  • Unequal opportunities

Fortunately, as the movement gains momentum, more institutions and organizations rise to support their new career choice in construction. These communities offer vital networking opportunities and infrastructures to foster awareness of potential careers for women in the construction industry, contributing to the recruitment of female employees in construction companies.

The construction sector steadily increases its inclusivity and accessibility to women, offering them new possibilities for successful careers and professional growth.

Reasons Why Women Should Consider Careers in the Construction Trade

Women considering a career in the construction industry can start their path to prosperity by working with recruiters. Entry-level or management positions are a great starting point. Let’s unpack some of the advantages of a career in construction for women.


The construction industry is currently under pressure to find new workers. In 2023, there was a demand for 1.5 million workers in the sector, and this trend will increase in 2024. 12.5% of construction workers under 25 started a career in construction. However, a decade later, this figure slipped to nine percent.

As a result of the decline in career interest in the construction sector, companies are actively looking to recruit to fill this gap in labor shortages. Hiring women workers will be vital in fulfilling this goal in 2024 and beyond.

Pay Gap

The US economy maintains a pay gap between men and women. Female employees typically make approximately 81.1% of their male counterpart’s pay. This doesn’t apply to the construction industry.

According to research by the NAWIC, female employees in the construction sector earn approximately 99.1% of the wage of their male counterparts in the same positions. Therefore, even entry-level positions offer significant earnings opportunities for women entering the sector.


The construction sector has ample job opportunities across a range of positions. Women can work in the commercial or residential sector, applying their skills in various settings and fields. Many diverse career options for women entering the construction industry go beyond the typical on-site construction job opportunities.

Women have several options when applying for careers within the sector, including exploring roles like safety and site manager, inspector, and many more. The construction industry has many opportunities for women to match their education, interests, and skills.

Starting a Career in Construction as a Woman

If you’re a woman ready to launch your career in the construction industry, you have several ways to get involved and find a job. Some of the most common methods for finding a job in the construction industry are:

  • Job boards
  • Professional networking websites
  • Apprenticeship programs
  • Recruitment companies

Working with an experienced recruiter is the best option for female candidates. Recruiters can help you find a career that matches your qualifications, experience, and skills.

Women in Construction

Workplace diversity creates many opportunities and benefits for the American economy. It enhances problem-solving and creativity by creating different perspectives in the conversation of female employment in the sector.

Gender inclusion and diversity foster a respectful work environment in the construction industry and reduce conflict while promoting teamwork. Hiring women allows construction companies to bolster their reputation as socially responsible and forward-thinking, attracting more business.

Women in Construction Are a Competitive Advantage (Construction Executive Magazine)

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