When Did Badminton Cabinet Get So Expensive?

When Did Badminton Cabinet Get So Expensive?

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When we think of furniture it may be just as simple as an end table, couch, credenza, or buffet.  Others may think of furniture as a centerpiece or apart of there collection.  My next question, what are you willing to spend on your favorite piece?  For some budget are nor questions, if this is the case then The Badminton Cabinet is the piece for you.

When Did Badminton Cabinet Get So Expensive?

The last time this piece sold at auction in 2004 it was for a cool 36,662,106 dollars! That’s right 36.5 million dollars for a piece of furniture. It has set the record twice for being the most expensive piece of furniture on record.

Badminton Cabinet

`This piece was commissioned to be built in 1726 by Henry Somerset he was a duke and he was 19 years old at the time.  The piece took a cool six years to build along with the use of 30 experts to construct.  It uses an assortment of materials from stone to wood to precious stones, along with a clock.  When he commissioned the piece, it cost around 675.00 US Dollars at the time.  Even with inflation today it auctions value still says it was a good purchase.

So, in closing the next time your out and about shopping for antiques, remember the piece your thinking about buying could be the next item taking the lead in the auction world.

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