What’s With All These Saws, Let’s Cut To The Chase

What’s With All These Saws, Let’s Cut To The Chase

June 5, 2020 2:59 pm Published by

You are watching your favorite DIY show on TV, you see a project they are working on and say to yourself “I can do that, that seems simple enough.” Many have decided to tackle at home projects reminding ourselves it only took a half-hour on TV.  If this thought has ever crossed your mind the first tool big power tool purchase that may be made is the miter saw.  At some point, you will need this tool and make sure you choose the right one might be a daunting task but today we will shed some light on your options.

What’s With All These Saws?

Your first question is to yourself should be what material will I use most? Miter saws come with quite a few options. Saws have common blade sizes ranging from 8, 10, and 12 depending on how big of material you choose.  If you need more capabilities you can opt for a slider which will give you a 14-inch cut at 90 degrees.  But if you only plan to cut something no bigger than 2x6s a 10 inch might be right for you.

Miter saws

Crown Molding

crown moldingBut let’s say you want to add the crown molding that you always wanted.  But have the capabilities to make the cut in one pass.  The next saw type is my personal favorite the compound miter. The compound miter gives you the ability to cut 2 angles at once.  Crown can be the most difficult skill to achieve and takes practice and many adjustments to get those inside and outside corners looking good.

So, in closing do your research on what works best for you.  Consider your material and ensure you are never limited to what you can cut.  Also, Consider your budget you don’t need to break the bank but it is very important to always use quality tools especially when cutting.  Finally, stand back and enjoy your projects.  So, in closing, if you want to be the talk of your neighborhood, go out a get a SWEET miter saw!

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