Welcome desks and casework

Welcome Desks and Casework Ideas

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First impressions count — and it doesn’t take people more than a second to decide what they think about you or your workplace. Although your welcome desk has a practical purpose, as it is a focal point from which you guide your clients or customers to their destination. As a result, it’s more than a tool. Your welcome desk (reception desk) conveys your organization’s mission, values, and vibe at a glance. Are you renovating your office space or starting a new business? Getting your welcome desk set up right is crucial. Keep reading for welcome desks and casework ideas and inspiration.

Welcome Desks and Casework Ideas

How to Choose the Right Materials for Your Welcome Desk

Welcome desk setups can be minimal or elaborate. Because the materials set the tone for your welcome desk, this is a great place to start.

Keep in mind:

  • Traditional dark wood office furniture is best for companies and organizations that want to inspire trust. Your customers or clients will see you as dull but dependable. Dark wood is best for lawyers, accountants, and similar professionals.
  • Exposed wood and other earthy materials like bricks or stone slabs have a natural vibe perfect for creative organizations and companies committed to ESG values.
  • Fabrics can add a softer touch to your reception desk.
  • Modern polyurethane, in bold colors or black and white, gives a clean and contemporary feel.
  • Welcome desks that incorporate glass show that you are transparent in all you do.

How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Welcome Desk

Businesses can use color psychology to their advantage when designing a welcome desk. Even if you opt for traditional hardwood, creative touches in the form of accessories or logos displayed on the welcome desk can send a powerful message.

  • Red is energetic, powerful, and passionate — but also risky.
  • Yellow is happy and warm. This color is perfect for the hospitality industry.
  • Green is seen as fresh and vibrant, or dependable. Green is a great color choice for financial institutions and eco-friendly companies.
  • Blue and gray tones inspire trust and confidence. These colors are best for healthcare institutions and businesses in the financial sector.
  • Purple is exciting and creative.
  • Black is elegant and always in style but risks being gloomy.

How to Use Shapes to Signal Your Values as you Create a Welcome Desk Setup

The shapes you use within your welcome desk design play a role in setting the tone, too:

  • Large, imposing, and perfectly-symmetrical welcome desks create a formal atmosphere that can be slightly intimidating.
  • Using curves in your welcome desk helps portray a younger, more creative vibe.
  • A smaller welcome desk bridges the gap between your organization and your customers or clients. It shows you are open.

How to Create a Functional and Inviting Welcome Desk

While your reception desk is your customers’ first point of call, you may also use the area to store important paperwork and sensitive files.

Casework like secure drawers and locking cabinets within your welcome desk area can remain concealed from visitors with the right design. Incorporating hidden areas where you are able to store important data has two advantages.

  1. Customers or clients won’t be distracted by locked cabinets that hint you’re hiding something.
  2. Your reception counter will have a more polished look.

Taller barriers can hide a computer and telephone, but this design choice also creates a more imposing atmosphere.

Welcome Desk Ideas and Installation: Final Tips

Your welcome desk leaves a powerful (though often subconscious) first impression on your visitors. Because it is a significant investment, getting your welcome desk design and installation right matters.

The best welcome desk setups come to life when style and functionality are perfectly balanced. Considering everything from the tasks your team members perform at the reception counter to the first impression you want to create will help guide your reception desk renovation project to success.

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