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Today’s Tools

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Imagine having to cut a piece of plywood sheathing with a hand saw.  It would take hours and efficiency would go out the window.  But don’t worry, you’re in luck we have power tools in today’s world.  In carpentry in Omaha, today’s tools have come a long way since the beginning of time.  One thing remains the same, tools have always been used.  In this post, we will talk about the changing times and advancements in today’s world of tools.

Omaha Carpentry Today’s Tools

Trees are the basis and the start of every project, a piece of furniture, or craft.  To get the wood to the workbench it needs to be harvested and brought to the sawmill.


The first sawmills have existed since medieval times. Cornelis Corneliszoon patented the first sawmill in 1593 with a pitman arm attached to a windmill. These mills were only capable of producing a small amount of production compared to today’s standard. For example, one of the largest hardwood producers currently in the US is Beasley Forest Products, they can produce nearly 125 million board feet a year.

Milter Saw & Table Saw

When the material arrives at our jobs, we begin the process of gathering the correct tools for the job.  Luckily for us, we no longer need to grab our hand saws and miter boxes.  The Miter saw and table saw have changed the way we are able to create on-site.  Now battery-powered options are also eliminating the need for long cords and tripping hazards.


Even though a hammer is still a key tool and we use it every day, the majority of our fasteners are applied with pneumatic, battery, and gas-powered nail guns.  We have the ability to choose the gauge of a nail, what the nail is coated with, and how long of the nail to fit the appropriate material.  The same can be said for cordless drills.  Cordless drills are not as new of technology as one might think.  The first available cordless drill design was in 1978 by Makita.  The cordless drill allowed for screws to be used as a fastener.  It also allowed the ability to drill holes through materials for bolts, dowels, etc.

Changing times are here, and we move at a faster pace. Our tools are also evolving to keep up with high demands.  Jobs are being scheduled at record paces.  At the end of each day, a new tool is available to speed up the process.  We must be able to adapt and change ourselves. So, the next time you’re cleaning out your garage or shop and come across that old rusty hand saw, remember that was brand new on the shelf at some time.

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