The Intricacies of Installing High-End Commercial Casework

The Intricacies of Installing High-End Commercial Casework

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Without casework, office spaces and commercial properties can feel empty or hollowed out. High-end commercial casework rounds off the space, and complements (as well as completes) the job done by the architect and builders. Want to install high-end commercial casework, or just peek into the industry to see what you might be paying someone for? Keep reading to learn more about what high-end commercial casework is, and the intricacies of installing high-end commercial casework.

The Intricacies of Installing High-End Commercial Casework

What is Commercial Casework?

Casework involves all the creation and building that comes after the physical building process, with aesthetics and functionality as the first two elements that commercial carpenters are called to consider.

Commercial casework completes the space, adding anything that will make the space more practical, functional, or aesthetically pleasing for its staff and/or customers.

Higher-end commercial casework goes beyond the basics and can be found in hotels, conference rooms, and specialty stores. Comfort and functionality are still considered, but using higher-end materials (and a smaller margin of error for the installation team!).

High-end commercial casework can be more expensive but is also guaranteed to use only top-tier materials.

Installing High-End Commercial Casework

Create a Mock-Up for the Client to See

Before you’ve even started on the first steps of the casework installation, create a mock-up for the client. Clients and customers like to see what they’re paying for, and a mock-up is one way to lock in your client’s approval.

Once a client can see your ideas transition from paper or words to something physical, get the go-ahead or make the appropriate adjustments. It’s much easier to do this for a mock-up than after installation has already started.

Use the Best Power Tools Possible

An installation team is only as good as the quality of its tools. For high-end casework, you’re going to need high-end tools – and this means the best power tools money can rent or buy for the team doing it. A professional casework team should have these tools on hand and should be able to answer any questions from the client about the casework installation process.

Installation Is as Good as the Screws and Bolts

Installation of high-end casework is only as good as the screws and bolts for the job. Wood is considered an important factor, but you should never forget to use only the best accessories for the job. This includes handles and screws, which should match the quality and standards of the woods or other materials that are being used for the job.

Cheaper screws and materials can cause damage and take away from the quality of high-end commercial casework.

Prepare for Splits and Cracks

High-end commercial casework doesn’t mean that there’s zero margin for error, but that you have to prepare for any possible errors – with the initial preparation apparent in your first quotations to the client. Even in high-end commercial casework, splits and cracks (and accidents) might happen: prepare better, and make sure that you show it in your first quote.

Work With the Best Team Possible

Working with the best team makes the job much easier for everyone involved. Make sure that you assemble the best team for high-end commercial casework projects, and choose to work with those who have a proven successful track record.

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