What Our Clients Say

I want to express our appreciation for the efforts of your team and specifically Jason Rice. Contour and Jason have been instrumental in the ongoing success of our project. Jason has been a tremendous team player working hand-in-hand with all trades to ensure quality is top-notch. Thank you for your team’s efforts! I look forward to finishing this project strong with you guys and pairing up on the next one!

Chase Koory
Boyd Jones Construction

Contour is doing all of the finish carpentry at the new Library location and doing a great job. Production and quality are exceptional! Good crew!

Mark Lawlor
Ronco Construction Company

Corey and the other carpenters at Ford have been doing an excellent job on the casework installation. We’re very pleased that Contour was able to work with us on this project, and we’re looking forward to continuing work on future projects.

Jesse Wilke
Project Manager
Boyd Jones Construction

I cannot understate how much I appreciate the input and proposed solutions that Adam and your field crew provided. Too often, when architectural drawings contain errors or don’t work out, we have contractors who want to wash their hands; they either install per plans knowing the design was flawed, or they stop work completely, raise a white flag and say ‘it’s the architect’s problem.’ Contour was eager to help find solutions, even when the problem was not their fault. Contour’s quick input was hugely beneficial to producing the best quality product and minimizing associated schedule delays.


Derrick Krienert
Project Manager
Sampson Construction

I feel that Contour Construction is fair in its pricing and working thru scope and changes as they come up during the construction process.  Choosing to work as a team, while more importantly getting a high-quality product makes for a very successful project.  We value long-term relationships. I value that Contour Construction’s craftsmen are comfortable installing commercial door hardware, while also being very capable of high-end finish carpentry.

Chris Bilau
Project Advocates

Contour is a valuable subcontractor on a project, they work well with other trades, do their work correctly and on schedule.

Joe Kramer
Project Manager
Charles Vrana & Son Construction Company

Can’t say enough good about them! Hard to find any other contractors on a jobsite that work longer than their crews when the job demands. They are professional and do a great job coordinating all the material deliveries for all products within their scope. When I need additional help to finish a job on time, I know that I can count on Contour Construction.

Nathan Hotovy
Senior Project Manager
Sampson Construction

This was the first time I had the pleasure to have Contour Construction on one of my projects. It was nice to finally have a sub-contractor who actually cared about the product it produced. Every one of the guys were nice, thoughtful, and provided a finished product, that the owner would be proud to have in his building, and as a superintendent for a general contractor, didn’t have to worry about. I truly look forward to the next time I get to work with Contour! Thank you.

Steve Vencil
Field Superintendent
Prairie Construction Company

Contour has done a great job on the Flywheel project developing systems to install the high-end – prefinished wood work in a timely fashion to keep up with a very tight project schedule.  This scope is no only very critical to the schedule but also to the overall aesthetic to the space.

Carter A. Eberhardt
Project Manager
Lund Ross Constructors

Thank you for your partnership and beautifully detailed work on Countryside Community Church. As always, it was a great experience working with Contour on this project. We especially appreciated your team’s attention to detail on this complex assignment.

Contour was excellent to work with and performed admirably on a unique and sometimes challenging project. Special attention was given by your team to doing studies of installation methods that resulted in extremely well-executed framing, wood-slatted paneling, and other interior wood finishes that exceeded our expectations for the final production.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Contour on other projects, including the Union for Contemporary Art. We were just as pleased with the work on that project.

Thank you again and we look forward to other opportunities to work with you in the future.

Nancy Novak
Interior Designer
Partner, Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture