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Creating a safe and sound work environment for employees can be a challenging task.  Takes hours of training and many pieces of safety gear to keep employees safe from the risk involved.  We strive to provide the safest work environment.

Safe and Sound Work Environment

First, it begins with the employee themselves.  In commercial construction PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is our first line of defense when it comes to taking on everyday hazards.  The main items included safety glasses, hardhat, gloves, and ear protection. Hardhats are crucial and provide protection from falling hazards from debris and tools.  It also protects from sharp corners or material on the move.  Safety glasses provided protection from eye injuries from flying debris and sharp objects, more than 10,600 eye injuries every year in construction at which the rate is much higher than any other industry.

Ear protection is a must when we are working around loud saws, compressors, nail guns, and other surrounding construction.  OSHA says 85dBA in an 8-hour period can cause hearing damage.  The higher the dBA the lower your exposure time is.  All of these items are provided to ensure we take care of the sensitive areas of the body and have a long-lasting career in construction.

Typical Sound Levels

Fall Protection

We have strict rules provided by OSHA that protect workers from falls.  Harnesses are our first line of defense when it comes to working on the edge of an opening that may not have a door or a window installed yet.  A harness is usually connected to a tie-off point, and are checked daily for expiration, signs of wear and tear that may result in being taken out of service.  A tie-off point has a determined rating that is large enough to handle 5000lbs of sheer force per person tied to that point.   Proper connections must be made between the tie-off point and the harness.  We can use different types from yo-yos, rope grabs, and shock-absorbing lanyards.

Harnesses Fall Protection

Employee Training

Employees are trained thoroughly, each of our field supervisors and carpenters has been through a 10-hour OSHA training.  These training provide the information on proper PPE, harness types, tie off points, and awareness.  Along with the 10-hour course, A group of our employees has completed a 30-hour this provides further in-depth training.  We are able to work safely because of our layers of training, it’s essentially a system of checks and balances to ensure we are able to go home every day as we arrived.

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