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Blue Lion Inn construction

Blue Lion Inn

The Blue Lion, now occupied by the Union of Contemporary Art, was a very different and challenging project for Contour. We started by doing all the wood walls and structural framing inside the historic building for the new configuration. The finish portion was where we encountered many types of products being used differently than usual by us. CDX plywood was used in many locations for the wall and ceilings. Sapele veneer (exotic) plywood was also used for finish walls and ceilings.

We installed large glulam beams that had to be routed out on the bottom for recessed lighting strips. We installed a revolving door for the darkroom. The upstairs area used OSB sheathing for the finish floor. Sliding barn doors were constructed on-site from MDF layered and glued. The list seems endless. Other finishes and colors from all the trades lends a very different and artistic approach to the interior appearance. It would be a worthwhile trip for anyone to make a visit to the Blue Lion on the SE corner of 24th & Lake.

Veridian Credit Union Omaha

Veridian Federal Credit Union

Contour Construction completed all the interior finish carpentry work for the Veridian Federal Credit Union project. From the interior wood paneling to the bathroom partitions and accessories. We also installed all of the casework and assisted with the ACT Suspended ceilings. The entire project went very well and was completed in a very timely manner.