WOWT/Blackstone Plaza Project

WOWT/Blackstone Plaza Project

April 27, 2022 5:32 pm Published by

WOWT/Blackstone Plaza

At the WOWT/Blackstone Plaza job, we have been helping Lueder out with a variety of tasks. On the WOWT side, we built new door frames, installed casing and base, and installed pre-finished wall panels and trim. On the Blackstone Plaza side of the job, we built some door frames, installed the wood blades, and are now installing wall paneling and trim. The wood blades were quite challenging. They are essentially oak beams that run vertically from the floor of the lobby to the ceiling of the second floor. They weigh about 480 pounds apiece and took quite a bit of planning and effort to get set. We will be filling in between the blades with oak paneling and also installing paneling on many of the walls on the first and second floors.
Photo Credits – Eric Lund, Contour Construction

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