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St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church

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St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church in Omaha, Nebraska, added a 41,398-square-foot addition to the church and a 6,755-square-foot support wing that consists of offices, a kitchen, workroom, and conference rooms.

The ceiling of the main entry featured tongue and groove paneling that would be used in five other ceilings throughout the project, as well as at some wall finishes. Throughout the corridors and narthex rooms, poplar box beams were installed at the ceiling to give it an exposed beam look. Nearly 1,400 lineal feet of varying size box beams were installed throughout the St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church corridors.

The cathedral ceiling stands over 60 feet above the ground and is constructed with a combination of structural steel and exposed Glu-lam beams, the underside of the cathedral ceiling is structural 2×6 tongue and groove roof decking that is exposed. The structural steel beams were clad and wrapped in 2x lumber that was installed in a staggered orientation to give it a detailed and layered appearance. Twenty-five arched openings leading into the ambulatories and feature custom arched trims to match the radius of the openings. Veneered wood paneling above each arch were trimmed out with hardwoods at the perimeters.

Devotional niches and an antiphonal chamber were constructed using veneered plywoods, 1x and 2x trims, and wood grilles to create both walls and ceilings. The reredos, 18 feet wide and 46 feet tall, are covered in a combination of wood paneling, trims, and grilles. The paneling was used to create vertical columns with either veneered paneling or wood grilles placed in between each column from the floor to the top of the reredos. The overall appearance of the reredos creates a wonderful wood feature that also serves as a decorative piece to help conceal some of the organ equipment, all while not compromising the acoustics or function of the organ.

In the News: Omaha’s St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church to unveil $30.2 million project (Omaha World-Herald)

32nd Annual ABC National Excellence in Construction Awards

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Contour Construction – Pyramid Award

Saint Wenceslaus Catholic Church

General Contractor – Boyd Jones Construction

Commercial: Less Than $10 Million

Project Manager – Tim Neneman

Superintendent: Dave Kelley

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