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Benthack Hall Renovation | Wayne State College

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Contour Construction had the pleasure of working with Hausmann Construction on the Benthack Hall project in Wayne, Nebraska. The project was the remodel of the existing Benthack Hall on the Wayne State College campus. Our scope of work included architectural woodwork, doors and hardware, visual display surface, toilet compartments, bath accessories, casework, and wall protections.

Architectural Woodwork

The feature pieces of this project were the wood wall and ceiling features in the hallways. The walls have wood panels that run from floor to ceiling and have a three-fourths inch reveal between the panels. The panels had to be cut to fit around door openings and recessed television niches. The ceiling detail have wood planks that run at 45-degree angles off the wood panel wall. The wood plank also had three-fourths reveal between each piece. The outside perimeter of the ceiling feature was wrapped in eight-inch-tall trim.


We had to install multiple elevations of casework on this project. One of the renovated classrooms was the Foods Lab for teaching Culinary Arts. We had to set six islands of casework, each island consisting of eight base cabinets. At the front of the classroom is the instructor’s demonstration island, which had plastic laminate panels, wrapping a metal-framed wall with base cabinets attached to it.

Toilet Compartments, Bath Accessories

There is one pair of bathrooms on each floor and one unisex bathroom on the first floor. The toilet compartments are a solid-polymer that are mounted to the floor and overhead braced. There are fifteen standard stalls, four handicap stalls, and four urinal screens. We installed grab bars, toilet paper holders, sanitary napkin disposals, recessed paper towel/trash receptacles, and baby changing stations.

Classroom Accessories

The marker boards for the classrooms had three, four-foot-wide by seven-foot-tall boards that had to be assembled with splines and trims. The marker boards are also going to act as the projection screen for the projector, so we had to make sure our seams were flush and even. The tack boards were a custom size, so we had to cut them down to the size needed and then, had to wrap them in an aluminum trim.

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ArchitectLeo A Daly

ContractorHausmann Construction, Inc.

Subcontractor – Contour Construction

Photos credit – Eric Lund of Contour Construction

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