Miyadaiku (Japanese Carpenter)

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What if I told you there was a way to build a house out of wood with wood? Just pieces of wood – using no glue, no nails, no modern point of attachment. This practice is known as Miyadaiku Carpentry.

Carpenters in America have had the luxury of using nails and glue to build structures for years. It’s a part of how we were taught and without it, our buildings would crumble. Wood with the wood building is a highly skilled form of joinery that only a Miyadaiku could accomplish.

Japanese carpenter

Miyadaiku (Japanese Carpenter)

Miyadaiku is a Japanese carpenter – a highly skilled carpenter, who usually builds and repairs shrines and temples. One must go through extensive training to be able to hold a title for this style of carpentry.

Miyadaiku involves making integral cuts to connect the lumber together in a fashion to be strong and last a lifetime. Sometimes wood dowels are used or even wedges in order to create a strong bond. The tools that are used are sharp and typically made up of Japanese steel which helps create highly sophisticated joints.

Japanese Joinery

Japanese Joinery

To be able to become this level of carpenter there is schooling available that costs around 5.7 million yen per year which is around 55,000 USD for 5 years. Or you can participate in a 10-year apprenticeship.

Miyadaiku Apprenticeship

The apprenticeship involves hours of basic tasks like kitchen work, clothing, and shelter work. The opportunity to be able to do carpentry work is earned. Therefore, this process usually ends up leaving only a handful of individuals out of hundreds after 10 years. When the time has come to begin your career, the end products are works of art.

The pride and skill involved are continually earned throughout time. Miyadaiku is on another level when it comes to their skills and ability to interlock pieces of wood to create sturdy, high-quality buildings.

Fun fact: Teahouse and residential carpenters are known as sukiya-daiku. Sukiya-daiku is known for its delicate constructions using rustic materials.

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