May is Building Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month

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May is Building Safety Month and it’s one of the most important recognized industry awareness campaigns of the year. The International Code Council (ICC) sets the standards for what building safety should be – and May is the time to thank professionals in this critical industry for their effort and educate others about these vital practices. International building codes protect the world and its buildings in the event of a disaster, and ensure that buildings are always put together according to international standards for safety and structural integrity.

May is Building Safety Month

Why is May Building Safety Month?

May was selected as Building Safety Month as a way to show gratitude and promote cooperation and connection between professionals in the building industry, from carpentry and plumbing to concrete construction and welding. This includes government agencies as well as private contractors who dedicate their careers to making sure building standards are being upheld in their respective sectors.

It’s also an opportunity for the general public to learn from industry professionals about what they’ve achieved this year (and what they might achieve in their respective sectors for the rest of the year).

Each year, Building Safety Month features a variety of weekly themes.

For 2023, the themes are:

  • Building Safety Starts at Home
  • Prepare Your Community
  • Solving Challenges Together
  • Building Safety Professionals and You
  • Advocate for Your Community

Who Decided That?!

Building safety month was brought on by the International Code Council (ICC) – the authority that’s tasked with maintaining an international standard in building codes and equipment.

Contractors, building inspectors, and other professionals in the building industry use May as their time to get together – and to show their love for the greater industry. It’s a good time for contacts and also connections. Building Safety Month has become an especially important part of raising awareness for safe and sustainable structures.

If you’ve never heard about International Building Safety Month before now, there’s a good chance you’re not alone. Join a collaborative group within your industry to connect with other professionals, and take the first step into advocating for building safety.

Why is it Important?

International building codes are set in place to protect the structural integrity of the building and to also protect the people and environment who are placed anywhere near to these buildings. But not everyone in the world accepts international building codes – and when these codes aren’t upheld in the way they should be, accidents are more likely to occur.

Building Safety Month places an emphasis on how important international building code enforcement really is in the built environment.

Building codes are an essential requirement for all communities as they safeguard citizens against potential disasters such as fires, weather-related incidents, and structural failure. Such codes represent society’s most effective approach to securing homes, offices, schools, manufacturing plants, shops, as well as entertainment centers, and other buildings. Code officials are continuously engaged in their duty to ensure the public’s safety.

What Should I Do?

If you want to know how you can get involved during Building Safety Month, simply look for ways to get more involved with the industry community as a whole – even if you aren’t part of the industry yourself.

Donate to an initiative or project, or connect with your local community of building professionals to learn about how you can help.

Donate your money or your time, and also look into initiatives that promote building safety if you would like to find ways to be more involved. There’s always a project near you that could use your expertise as well as help from others in the construction community.

There’s always something you can do! Click here to learn more about Building Safety Month events.

Additional Information: U.S. President Signs Proclamation to Recognize May as Building Safety Month

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