Joinery, It’s Not Just Glue That Binds Us

Joinery, It’s Not Just Glue That Binds Us

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Joinery is the process that puts strength into finish pieces such as cabinetry, doors, door jambs, post and beams structures, and even log homes.  It’s a process that allows a simple jewelry box or even a home to last for many years of use and enjoyment. Think of it this way, without joinery you would almost need to make a piece of furniture out of a single piece of wood so it may naturally hold its strength.  First, we need to understand what some different joints look like and where these joints might best be suited.


Types of Wood Joinery


Joinery, It’s Not Just Glue That Binds Us

A mitered butt is a joint we typically use in trim work around windows, and baseboards around the floor.  These joints use commonly use glue and are a fairly strong joint.  Tongue and groove is another common joint that is used in wood flooring along with some siding details. Biscuit joints are commonly used to align two pieces of material side by side to create a flush even look.

If you have a deck on your house you may be able to look at the bottom side where the post meats a beam to carry the structure and notice a type a lap joint style which creates a pocket for the beam to not only sit on the post but also attach to the post from the side. Finally, if you go to one of your cabinet drawers and open it up pay attention to the construction of the drawer box itself.  There is a good chance you come across a dovetail joint of a half-blind dovetail joint, these joints are very strong and will last a lifetime.

In closing, there are many joints that make up the world of carpentry.  Take a look around sometimes and see what joints you can recognize.

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