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Is Wood Paneling Coming Back In Style?

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One of the most important things about buying or leasing commercial office space is the ability to make it yours. From the walls to the carpets, there are few things that can be as much fun for the creative soul as making a space your own. Wood paneling was a popular decorative choice for a bygone era. In fact, many commercial offices out there still have their wooden paneling installed. Today, business owners and designers are choosing to have wooden panels installed instead of opting for other interior design choices. Keep reading to see why!

Is Wood Paneling Coming Back In Style?

Here’s why designers are saying yes, wood paneling is coming back in style.

Because It’s Cool

Let’s face it, there’s just something attractive to the eye about the way artificial and natural light hits the beauty of wooden wall paneling. Modern and classic architecture can both benefit from the installation of simple wood panels in the right place. Wood paneled walls can dampen the echo of empty spaces and the wood tones add beauty and warmth at the same time.

What’s the Point of Paneling?

Panels aren’t just great for aesthetic reasons, they can also have a great practical point behind their use. The installation of wooden panels can help to better insulate a building. In fact, wood panels can naturally increase the temperature by as much as half a degree (or more) in the colder months.

Wood panels aren’t just something great to look at: they help you stay comfortable and save energy.

A Brief History of Wooden Panels

Wooden panels used to be big in the sixties and seventies, however, designers are bringing wood paneling back. Wooden panels are affordable, and also easy to source. Most designers know that wooden paneling will hold up for much longer than the average wallpaper accent wall.

If you already have wooden paneling in the space you’ve moved into, consider yourself lucky. These wooden panels are often restorable. Wood panel restoration can cost much less than the installation of something similar that would look vintage.

Establish Your Needs

The term wooden paneling is a general term that can describe any number of a hundred different wood types. This can include lighter options such as maple, or dark wood options such as walnut.

However, usually, when talking about wood panel styles we’re talking about a veneer, a short and thin layer of wood that is placed over the wall.

If you would like to install wood paneling in your office space, or if you want to know what it would look like in a virtual mock-up, there are many great resources for wood textures online.

Restoration or Replacement?

If your space already has wood paneling installed, then you might be in luck, as this design trend is coming back. Old wooden paneling can often just be restored, and it costs a lot less than total replacement or installation.

The veneer of wooden paneling works much like the veneer you would find on the outside of a fancy guitar. Where the damage doesn’t need total replacement, it can be repaired. The reclaimed wood looks absolutely fantastic, with grain that pops (and shines) where it needs to.

Should the existing paneling in your office building show serious wear, an expert can help you figure out if restoration or replacement is best.

Need Installation?

We recommend only considering DIY wood panel installation if you have done something similar before, as it can be a tricky process.

For everyone else, expert help is recommended. Professional wood panel installation doesn’t cost as much as you might think, and you actually end up saving money. Having to redo a job if you make a mistake doing it yourself can be costly!

Wooden paneling can be quite thin and might be difficult to work with if you are new to woodworking.

YouTube isn’t always enough to learn how to do something well. Call a finish and trim carpentry professional before you turn something simple into a long and expensive job by accident.

Choosing the Type of Wood

It’s important to choose the right type of wood for the space, which is as much a practical choice as it could be an aesthetic one.

Lighter spaces can work great with darker woods, creating an interesting contrast. Lighter woods can compliment darker spaces but also blend well with lighter ones in some cases.

If wooden paneling is the decorative touch that you think your office space needs, try out different textures or ask an expert for wooden panel samples. Color code it to the rest of your building, and watch your space transform before your eyes.

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