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How Do You Install a Commercial Door?

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Commercial doors aren’t just ways to enter and exit a space — they also protect important assets from criminals and help keep workers, customers, or members of the public safe. Installing a commercial door correctly is of the utmost importance. So, how is it done?

How Do You Install a Commercial Door?

What Are Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors differ from residential doors in a number of ways. Commercial doors are installed as entry and exit points for commercial spaces (warehouses, stores, law firms, or spa centers, to name but a few) as well as public buildings (schools, libraries, police departments, and government buildings). However, commercial doors do not quite serve the same purpose as front doors in residential homes.

The most important factors that set commercial doors apart from residential doors are:

Volume of use

Regardless of the type of business or public institution, commercial doors will be subject to much higher levels of traffic. Because of this, they also need to be significantly more durable.


While homes can be vulnerable to invasion, due to commercial liability and increased risk, commercial doors need to have more advanced security features.

Building code

Commercial buildings are subject to higher standards, with better fire protection, access to disabled people, and safe egress laws all playing large roles.

In addition to their practical characteristics, commercial doors are oftentimes the first thing clients or customers see as they enter a space. The door a business chooses can have an impact on a business’s branding. This is particularly true in the case of small businesses.

Commercial Doors: What Are the Most Popular Types?

The type of commercial door that best meets the needs of any business depends on the door’s purpose. For example, a warehouse door will have to meet different requirements than a storefront door. Commercial doors are sold in many different types, with the most popular ones listed below.

Steel commercial doors

Steel commercial doors are widespread as exterior doors in commercial buildings. The strong steel exterior hides a layer of insulation or a honeycombed security layer. These types of commercial doors are the best choice for businesses that make preventing unauthorized entry a priority.

Aluminum and glass commercial doors

Aluminum and glass doors are most commonly used in office or retail settings. They provide a clean look that allows ample natural light to enter. However, additional security measures will need to be taken.

Fiberglass commercial doors

Fiberglass commercial doors offer security and durability. Not to mention, they are low maintenance. Unlike glass doors, which are unpopular in commercial settings, fiberglass doors are extremely strong. Fiberglass doors are more popular than glass doors due to the risk of third-party liability suits following injury.

Wooden commercial doors

Wooden commercial doors are primarily used inside buildings. These types of doors provide lower levels of security. However, they can paint a picture of wealth and warmth. They can also be reinforced inside.

How to Install a Commercial Door

Proper installation ensures that the door is safe to use and offers the security the business was aiming for. Each commercial door will have a manufacturer-issued installation process. Following all of the steps from start to finish is of great importance. Steel security doors are installed with the following steps:

  • Before you select your door for purchase, ensure that the dimensions are correct for the frame you have.
  • Prepare the frame by eliminating excess grout, paint, and other materials. Prepare hinge cutouts.
  • Attach the hinges, which will likely be heavy, to the door.
  • Dry fit the door into the opening. Stand it up.
  • Using a wooden wedge to support the commercial door’s considerable weight, place it close to the final destination.
  • Install the hinges, beginning with the top hinge and working your way downward.
  • Remove the wedge, and check if the door is working properly.
  • Assess health and safety parameters.
  • It is now time to install the locks, handles, and other additional features.

The importance of properly installing a new commercial door cannot be underestimated. This door, whether it is an external door or an interior door, will almost certainly serve to provide a barrier between your business and the rest of the world. Mistakes in the installation process can result in security breaches, and also in workers or members of the public possibly becoming injured.

Always follow manufacturer instructions precisely. If you are not absolutely sure that you can safely install the commercial door, call on a professional instead.

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