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Doors & Commercial Building Safety

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Doors are one of the most important parts of any commercial building. Although doors are normally one of the last things that builders will install during construction, they are one of the first things that architects and builders will plan out.

A door isn’t just an entry or passage. Instead, doors are structurally important for everything that surrounds it. No building can be considered safe for operation if the doors have not been properly installed and signed off on as completely standard and safe.

According to building standards, doors have to be installed in specific ways to be considered a safe addition to any building.

Doors & Commercial Building Safety

International Building Standards

International building standards specify that all doors in a commercial building have to be secured in the most adequate way. With some models, manufacturers will include instructions on how to properly install the door to fit these international standards. This is one way manufacturers have stepped in to make things function better in the building industry. However, it is important to note that not all door manufacturers will do this.

Always be sure that your building team adheres to international building standards. Hiring builders who comply to safety standards is the single most important thing you should do when hiring your team.

Fire Safety Standards

Building standards are not the only thing to consider for doors and commercial building safety. Commercial buildings see a great amount of traffic. People move in and out of the doors almost constantly, and when nobody is around, the doors still have to provide an adequate amount of security for what’s inside.

Fire safety standards are one of the most crucial elements of building safety.

Doors should be clear from obstacles to comply with fire safety standards for a commercial building. Fire safety regulations in your state can influence the placement (and standard) of the doors in your building. If doors aren’t able to stand up in the event of an emergency, they can never be considered safe for a commercial building.

Always check the fire safety regulations in your state to make sure that you install a fire-rated door, that is compliant.

Quality Products

It is important for commercial builders to assess doors for their safety standards. Excellent quality doors are made to international standards.

Cheaper doors might not afford your business and the building occupants the same level of protection that you would expect to find from high-end commercial doors. As a builder or business, you should always install the best doors you can afford.

Choose high-quality products from manufacturers that can back the reputation and certification of their products. Even though cheaper doors might seem like a good way to cut costs, they’re also a good way to cut quality.

Door Replacement

If you are not constructing your building from the ground up, then keep in mind that the building you have just acquired (or rented) might not adhere to current safety standards.

Failure to comply with current safety standards is more common in older buildings. However, this can also be the case in newer buildings that did not receive proper maintenance under the previous tenant or owner.

Check that the doors in the building match modern safety standards. If they don’t or you are not sure, it could be time to replace the doors.

Older doors might add to the atmosphere, however, they won’t help if they don’t comply with modern safety regulations.

After moving your business into a new space, it’s generally a good idea to replace all previous doors and locks anyway. This allows for a fresh start and cuts out a large business security risk that many business owners don’t immediately notice.

Professional Help

Chances are you are not a certified building inspector yourself. Therefore, you are going to need help in order to assess the quality or standard of the doors in their commercial building.

If the doors in your commercial building don’t comply with safety standards, you could face fines or closure at worst. Seek professional help and a reputable company that can assess every door. The right professional will help you make the best recommendations about what to do.

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