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Does Casework Include More Than Countertops and Cabinets?

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When it comes to designing and building the interior of a commercial space, casework is an essential component. Many people may think of casework simply as countertops and cabinets, but in reality, it encompasses a wide range of built-in storage solutions. From custom-made desks and tables to closets and more, casework has the ability to shape and enhance any space. In this post, we will dive deeper into the topic of casework and the benefits of including it in your next commercial interior design project.

Does Casework Include More Than Countertops and Cabinets?

Professionals already know the answer, but people that don’t work with this stuff every day more than likely will not. Here’s what you should know about the general term casework, and what it involves.

What Is Casework?

The term casework is used in finish carpentry to refer to anything built or repaired that can be in the form of a case: literally, cabinets and counters, though sometimes the final product includes things that come attached to cabinets and counters.

A casework carpenter is specifically trained in their craft. Most professional carpentry teams will have a few people assigned specifically to commercial casework projects. It’s never a good idea to choose just anyone for a commercial casework project.

Commercial Casework

Commercial casework refers to the built-in cabinetry and storage solutions that are designed and installed to meet the specific needs of a commercial space. This can include things such as countertops, cabinets, shelves, and drawers. However, commercial casework can also include custom pieces like desks, tables, and other furniture that serve a specific purpose within the space.

Materials and Styles

Casework in commercial spaces can come in a wide range of materials and styles. Some common options include wood, metal, laminate, and solid surface materials such as Corian or Quartz. These materials can be chosen based on the specific requirements of the space, such as durability, ease of cleaning, and aesthetic appeal.

Commercial Casework Real World Applications

In the commercial setting, casework can be found in a variety of places such as offices, laboratories, retail spaces, and hospitality environments. In an office setting, casework can include built-in desks and storage solutions. For a laboratory, casework might include built-in countertops and shelves specifically designed to hold lab equipment and chemicals. In a retail space, casework can include custom displays and shelving, and in the hospitality industry, it can include built-in furniture in rooms like hotels or resorts.

Custom casework can also be used to create a specific atmosphere in a commercial setting, whether it be a sleek and modern look for a contemporary office or a warm and inviting atmosphere for a restaurant or hotel.

Casework Professionals

Commercial casework should always be left to the finish and trim carpentry professionals. While a business owner or company could hire anyone off the street for cheaper, this could mean that you end up with inferior products. If you want quality casework completed, a casework professional is highly recommended.

All About Casework

Casework is part of finish carpentry, which is usually done after a build has been completed. However, carpentry can also be necessary well into the lifespan of any countertops and cabinets, which can require repair or replacement.

Casework can also mean a few different things.

What Exactly is Casework?

Casework is first known as work on countertops and cabinets, which can both be their first installation or their later repair (and replacement). Anything that forms a “case” in the home or office, usually for storage purposes, can be seen as casework.

Professional caseworkers are carpenters, usually with an additional amount of experience in dealing with the right materials.

Countertops and Cabinets

Countertops and cabinets are the first types of casework, usually referred to as finish carpentry. Most people are familiar with both of these types of casework. Countertops and cabinets can exist in different shapes, sizes, and forms – and that’s the whole point of why you should find a specialist for the job, one with good experience and a quality portfolio of work.

Other Types of Casework

The definition of casework doesn’t end with counters and cabinets, but can also include any other types of case-like storage necessary for the home or office.

The most experienced casework carpenters can also install other types of casework. For example, lockers and cages, or portable solutions for employees on the move.

Rarely, the definition of casework can also be expanded to include anything that is installed or repaired for storage. As you can see, casework is way more than just cabinets and counters!

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