Commercial Construction Labor Shortages

Commercial Construction Labor Shortages

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Construction employment requires a different strategy today than what was required 15 years ago.  The recession from 2008 did a number on our industry. It’s estimated that nearly 600,000 workers left the industry and never returned. There is a current need across the board to hire qualified workers in all trades in the construction industry.

Commercial Construction Labor Shortages

From Commercial to residential the need grows at an alarming rate.  Trade schools’ applicants are down and the fact of the matter is the industry has a perception to the younger generation, that it is dangerous, difficult, and dirty.

Commercial Construction Labor Shortages in Omaha

Cited by the Turner Building Cost Index, construction cost is up 5.86% and this is due to labor shortage. It takes long hours, along with the wait for talent to appear.

The bright side to all of this is the opportunities are endless to choose an industry that may be dangerous, difficult, and dirty. Becoming a skilled tradesperson in an industry that has an abundance of opportunities out of the gate, can be rewarding and with enough time turn into a well-compensated career.

The other great thing we are seeing in our industry is women are stepping up to fill this void.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics women make up 9.9% of the construction industry, However, trends show a 94% growth in female-owned construction firms from 2007 to 2018, with around 30 percent of companies promoting a woman to a senior position in 2018.

All this being said, telling someone to stay away from the construction industry because of the risk involved, is not a fair statement. The opportunities are endless and the industries need new faces, new passions, new goals.

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