Examples of Finish Carpentry

Commercial Construction Examples of Finish Carpentry

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There’s almost nothing more fascinating than watching a construction project come together, one thing after the next. Simply take a look at a timelapse video of any architectural marvel that is being put together. It’s not just one project that makes up the construction of a building. Instead, it is several small projects that fit into one another to form the final product. Finish carpentry is one such example – but it’s actually one of the most important components of a commercial project. Take a look at a few examples of finish carpentry from Contour Construction’s recent projects.

Commercial Construction Examples of Finish Carpentry

Here are just a few examples of the top-quality, high-end finished carpentry work performed by our team at Contour Construction. Wainscoting, stairs, panels, trim, entranceways, custom cabinets, and more.

Scoular Office Renovation

The Scoular corporate headquarters renovation project was an interesting, challenging, and rewarding project that we completed with the help of the general contractor, Sampson Construction.

The Scoular Office renovation project consisted of about 51,000 square feet of office space on the upper three levels with a 17,000 square foot parking garage at the lower level. Contour Construction installed over 5,000 square feet of walnut wood paneling, split between the three office floors.

On every office space floor, the whole center core of the building was wrapped with wood paneling that was book matched and that ran from floor to ceiling with quarter-inch reveals between the panels, and along the wood-framed openings. The seams in these panels had to line up with the seams in the glass so we had to work closely with the glass company to accomplish this.

Lost Rail Clubhouse

Lost Rail is a new private country club located in Gretna, NE. The club has a high emphasis on being about golf and none of the other stuff that might come to mind when you think of a country club. For example, no tennis, swimming, racquetball, etc.

This job was all about the details in every room with emphasis on the stained and painted high-end woodwork. The Lost Rail Clubhouse features large crown molding details along with custom fireplace mantles that make the room feel warm and cozy. The custom beam details in the entryway, bar and locker room took a great amount of effort to make sure of a seamless installation.

WOWT/Blackstone Plaza Project

At the WOWT/Blackstone Plaza job, we have been helping Lueder out with a variety of tasks. On the WOWT side, we built new door frames, installed casing and base, and installed pre-finished wall panels and trim. On the Blackstone Plaza side of the job, we built door frames, installed wood blades, and are now installing wall paneling and trim.

The wood blades were quite challenging. They are essentially oak beams that run vertically from the floor of the lobby to the ceiling of the second floor.

Pacific Springs Townhomes

Pacific Springs Townhomes are on the same property where Contour Construction performed work on the new assisted living/memory care project with Lund-Ross.  There are two townhouses in total with two units in each townhouse.  One townhouse was a remodel of the existing showroom. The other townhouse built next door was the ground-up townhouse to match the rest of the townhomes in the community.

The Pacific Springs Townhomes feature full kitchens, three beds, three baths, finished basements, and two-car garages. The full Immanuel Pacific Springs campus provides options for apartment living or to have a more independent living style in a townhouse.

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Who Needs Commercial Finish Carpentry?

Commercial finish carpentry can apply to several businesses. This can include apartment buildings that are meant for lease, commercial buildings that are meant for lease, and other buildings – such as retirement homes. Commercial finish carpentry has to be done very carefully, especially because of the fact that commercial buildings get more foot traffic – and require more attention to detail.

Commercial finish carpentry is not carried out only when building construction is finished. Instead, commercial finish carpentry is carried out at any point in the construction process (even retouches years after!).

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