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5 Must-Have Commercial Bathroom Accessories  

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Commercial and workplace bathrooms are high-traffic areas. Therefore, commercial bathrooms need to be efficient and hygienic. The COVID pandemic makes those requirements critical. Commercial and workplace bathroom accessories should be easy to keep clean, easy to use, easy to stock, and easy to lock.

5 Must-Have Commercial Bathroom Accessories in Omaha, NE

1. Toilet Paper Dispenser (TPD)

Two of the biggest problems faced by facility and cleaning managers today are the theft and waste of toilet paper. Therefore, security takes precedence over convenience. The preference now is for large roll, single sheet, and vandal-proof toilet paper dispenser designs that can be locked.

2. Soap Dispensers

Washing hands with just water is not as effective as washing with soap. A clean, stocked, and easy-to-reach soap dispenser encourages better public hygiene. Most dispensers require the user to push down or push in a nozzle. However, hands-free, motion-sensitive soap dispensers are more hygienic. The same goes for faucets and hand air dryers that are in many public bathrooms.

3. Fresheners

There aren’t many things worse than a smelly bathroom. Programmable air freshening systems can help solve this problem. Air freshening systems will dispense a pleasant fragrance into the air at regular intervals. Intervals can be set as needed, and range from every ten to twenty minutes.

Keep urinals smelling fresh by placing scented mats or urinal screens in them. The design of scented mats and screens allow for odor absorption and also releases a pleasant smell. There are a number of options to make toilet bowls smell better. However, the best solution is to place a hard block of toilet soap or disinfectant in the cistern. Toilet soap releases a fragrance after flushing the toilet.

4. Hand Drying Options

Air Hand Dryer

For the past couple of decades, air dryers were thought to be the epitome of hand-drying hygiene. Research studies have shown that older-model air hand dryers circulate germs and bacteria. However, the levels are minimal and can be offset with extractors and open windows. Newer models of air hand driers are not only low noise and energy-efficient but also filter out up to 99% of germs and bacteria. Not to mention, modern air hand dryers are now motion-sensitive. Apart from being hygienic, they are cost-effective, unlike paper towels that require restocking.

Paper Towel Dispensers

Although paper towels are very hygienic, there are two main drawbacks. The first is that there is waste involved. Instead of a dispenser that allows for the grabbing of handfuls of folded single sheets, install one that contains a roll of perforated sheets. Not only are non-automated paper towel dispensers unsanitary, but they can also become blocked. Therefore, requiring hands-on maintenance to fix them. Modern paper towel dispensers are motion-sensitive and will roll out a sheet for the user to rip off one at a time.

The second drawback of using paper towels is incorrect disposal. Often, wads of paper towels end up in the toilet bowl, causing the toilet to clog. Therefore, it is important to place a trashcan close to the dispenser. Cleaning staff must empty trashcans during morning and afternoon checks or, in some commercial spaces, hourly checks.

5. Baby Changing Station

A public bathroom should have a baby-changing facility. If a separate facility is not an option, the minimum requirement is a baby changing station in both men’s and women’s bathrooms. The best type of table is a wall-mounted, fold-away table, made from molded plastic which is easy to clean.

Additional Reading: ADA Guides for Toilet Rooms from the US Access Board

Other Commercial Restroom Accessories to Consider

  • Toilet seat cover dispenser
  • Grab bars
  • Hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Automatic toilet flusher
  • Hands-free door opener

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