Celebrity Carpenters….Please hold the Photos!

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When you think of carpentry the word celebrity definitely doesn’t come to mind.  But there happens to be quite of few really good Celebrity Carpenters.  Whether it’s a TV show on Sunday mornings or the new realm of the fix it up DIY culture, something is out there for everyone.  So today why don’t we pay a visit to some great ones?

Celebrity Carpenters

Norm Abram

The top of the list which most active and past carpenters in the world would recognize as the G.O.A.T. would have to be Norm Abram.  His career has spread across the public television network for generations whether he was making furniture or working on an old house project.  His skills and knowledge base were above being great, it is in my opinion, the best.


Bob Vila Celebrity Carpenter


Bob Vila

Next, some might say he was just a face for TV which unfortunately I would have to agree with.  Bob Vila hosts a slew of shows on Public Television that went through projects and ideas for your home.  He also made quite of few appearances in the show Home Improvement where he played almost the arch-nemesis role to Tim Allen’s character.

Woodwright’s shop

Woodwright’s Shop

Last but not least, my favorite show, the Woodwright’s shop which Roy Underhill hosted.  This show was very unique in the aspect that he never used power tools.  Every one of his projects was done by old hand-powered tools.  This show really showed the effort needed to complete a project but also make adjustments to your pieces because simply by handpieces have a tendency’s to not be exactly perfect. When Roy was done though, it was absolutely marvelous.

So what sets us apart from the world of television?  Is it the cameras? Is it a big budget? Who is really to know at the end of the day, being a carpenter may get you celebrity status.  Or you may have completed a really nice project and you know what that’s all right as long as you had fun!

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